Pagoda Pools

“Let Us  help you Create True Tranquility”




Above Ground Pools
à *Call for Pricing*

Round pools up to 18Ft and Oval Pools up to 15’ x 24’

Larger Sizes Add $25.00


In ground Poolsà *Call for Pricing*

Sizes 12’ x 24’ - 16’ x 32’

Larger Sizes Please Add $25.00 – Water Bag Covers Add $25.00


(Please remember to drain excess water from pool cover)

**A $35.00 fee will be charged if we have to remove water from pool cover **


All Openings Include à  Removal & Cleaning of Cover, Shocking Pool,
Re-connect Filter and make sure it’s in working order. If filter needs to be fixed, parts will be extra.
For in ground pools in addition to above we will remove plugs from returns.
We also re-assemble stair rails, and Ladder.

Initial Vacuuming
 Call for Current Price
 for the first hour
$for each additional hour


                                                            Service Calls à  - $Chemicals & Parts Extra.
                                              Weekly Maintenance
à  $for pools sizes- 12’ x 24’ -16’ x 32
$.00 for pool larger than 16’ x 32’
Maintenance Includes:  Vacuuming & Shocking Pool.
*Any additional chemicals will be determined and charged at time of service*









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